Behind the Scenes with Ken Ham

Behind the Scenes with Ken Ham

45 Episodes

Join Ken Ham, CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis, as he goes behind-the-scenes of Answers in Genesis, the Ark Encounter, and the Creation Museum.

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Behind the Scenes with Ken Ham
  • Ark Noah Language: Learn How to Decipher It

    Episode 1

    Ark Noah language, learn how to decipher it before your next trip to the Ark Encounter. Another fascinating behind the scenes tour.

    Our Ark Encounter educational guide has the decipher to read the language in the Ark!

  • Learn How the Massive LED Screen Works at the Ark Encounter.

    Episode 2

    Learn how the massive LED screen works at the Ark Encounter in this fascinating behind-the-scenes look at this marvel of technology.

  • How Buddy Sculpted Dinosaurs for the Creation Museum

    Episode 3

    Buddy explains how he sculpted dinosaurs for the Creation Museum. 🦖 Ken and Buddy walking through the Dinosaur Den. 🦕

  • More Diorama Secrets Revealed

    Episode 4

    More diorama secrets revealed. Behind the scenes at our design studio. Talking with the talented Lead Production Designer, Travis.

  • AiG History with Ken Ham and Mark Looy: Radio Program

    Episode 5

    AiG history with Ken and Mark Looy as they tell the interesting story of when they met, the origin of the radio program, and how it’s produced.

  • Inside Look at Hydroponics and Greenhouses

    Episode 6

    Inside look at hydroponics and greenhouses at the Ark and Creation Museum’s horticulture center.

  • How are topiaries made?

    Episode 7

    Buddy Davis shows how he is making new unique topiaries for the Ark Encounter attraction.

  • Digital Open House to AiG’s Twelve Stones Christian Academy

    Episode 8

    Digital open house to AiG’s Twelve Stones Christian Academy. Learn what it means to have a truly Christian school with a truly Christian worldview. Two teaching positions available for this coming year.

  • See the Incredible Cut Away Ark Model at the Ark Encounter

    Episode 9

    See the incredible cut away ark model at the Ark Encounter with fascinating behind the scenes details.

  • Amazing Virtual Reality Experience

    Episode 10

    Learn about an amazing virtual reality experience opening at the Ark Encounter in July, 2020. See behind the scenes with the VR building under construction.

  • Unveiling the New World-class Exhibit at the Creation Museum

    Episode 11

    Staring Lucy and other apes.

  • 40th Anniversary of the Mt. St. Helens Eruption

    Episode 12

    Amazing geological lessons to learn as we approach the 40th anniversary of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens with Ken Ham and AiG's geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling.

  • It’s Time to Reopen

    Episode 13

    Learn more at

    It’s Time to Continue the Mission and Serve
    It’s Time for our Staff to Return to Work
    It’s Time to Help our Communities
    It’s Time to put Everything in Perspective
    It’s Time to Stop the Silence
    It’s Time to Reset our Priorities
    It’s Time for y...

  • Discover Fun Facts about Ken Ham

    Episode 14

    Discover fun personal facts about Ken Ham. Join Mark Looy as he conducts a unique and fun interview with Ken

  • Keeping It Clean

    Episode 15

    Will Carol train Ken to KaiBosh a bathroom? Carol leads our award winning housekeeping team. You'll appreciate the equipment, solutions and essential work they do to keep the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum clean and safe for our staff and guests.

    Photo by lyperzyt from Pixabay

  • Keeping the Ark Clean

    Episode 16

    How do they keep the wood looking so clean and shiny inside the Ark? Ken introduces you to Patrick and Dawn from our award winning housekeeping team at the Ark Encounter.

  • History of the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum

    Episode 17

    A history of Answers in Genesis and its attractions, the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum.

  • Our Newest Exhibit!

    Episode 18

    Morning dedication of our newest exhibit at the Ark Encounter.

  • BIG News at the Ark

    Episode 19

    Ken Ham makes a big announcement at the Ark Encounter.

  • Announcing Truth Traveler VR

    Episode 20

    Ken and Ben announce the opening of Truth Traveler, our new virtual reality experience at the Ark Encounter. Plan to include this VR ride in your visit when you come to see the Ark.

  • New Online Courses!

    Episode 21

    Ken Ham talks to Roger Patterson about our new World Religions and Cults online courses.

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