Behind the Scenes with Ken Ham

Behind the Scenes with Ken Ham

3 Seasons

Join Ken Ham, CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis, as he goes behind-the-scenes of Answers in Genesis, the Ark Encounter, and the Creation Museum.

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Behind the Scenes with Ken Ham
  • S2E1 2021 Here We Stand

    Episode 1

    Ken declares our allegiance to Jesus Christ, and to the authority of His Word regardless of political and cultural changes in 2021. During this Answers in Genesis staff meeting, Ken boldly affirms our statement of faith. We will continue to take public stands for a young earth, a global flood, bi...

  • S2E2 New Construction at the Ark Encounter

    Episode 2

    Tim Schmitt, our VP of Site Development & Horticulture updates Ken on the exciting new construction projects underway at the Ark Encounter. The walled city upgrade to the exterior of our Answers Center, and the rainbow arch grand entrance are being built during the winter of 2021.

    New greenhou...

  • S2E3 Why Giraffes?

    Episode 3

    Ken goes behind-the-scenes with Brent Huffman from JDA to discuss our animated giraffe family. On the second deck of the Ark, we take a break from shooting three upcoming commercials to talk about how an these giraffes help us proclaim the message God has given us to share with the world.

  • S2E4 Meet Junior’s Voice!

    Episode 4

    Ken and Brent introduce you to Jackson, the voice of Junior Giraffe

  • S2E5 Complicated Art

    Brandon and Brent explain how they place animated characters into the real world for our giraffe commercials.

  • S2E6 Jobs, jobs jobs!

    Episode 6

    Jobs, jobs, and more jobs at the Creation Museum, Answers in Genesis, and Ark Encounter!

    April 20th Job Fair:​
    Open Interviews at the Ark​
    Full list of open positions:

  • S2E7 Hiring at Emzara’s Kitchen

    Episode 7

    Ken talks with Jerry and Debra about open positions at the Ark Encounter.
    Work at a Christian facility. We need you—lots of positions available!

  • S2E8 Singing & Science at the Creation Museum

    Episode 8

    After singing Three Beating Hearts and How Great Thou Art, Steve Hess & Southern Salvation perform their new song Six Days. Then Mr. P, Dr. Rivera and Dr. Purdom consider combustion in chemistry, forensics and biology. We end our evening with an Australian taste test: Tim Tam Slams, vegemite and ...

  • S2E9 Massive Music Festival

    Episode 9

    Ken talks with Dean Hopper and Ray Flynn about the largest Christian music festival in the world: 40 Days and 40 Nights coming to the Ark Encounter August 2 through September 10.

  • S2E10 Rainbow Arch Ribbon Cutting

    Episode 10

    June 1, 2021, ribbon cutting and dedication of our new Rainbow Arch at the Ark Encounter.

  • S2E11 Meet the Binturong and Porcupines with Ken Ham & Leanne

    Episode 11

    Join Ken Ham and Senior Zoo Manager Leanne as they meet the Ararat Zoo's latest addition: a Palawan binturong, or bearcat. "Rikki" the binturong is enjoying her new home at the zoo. Ken and Leanne also explore the new exhibit for the African crested porcupines as well as the Animal Actor Stage, w...

  • S2E12 Divided Nation has arrived!

    Episode 12

    Bryan talks with Ken about the new book, Divided Nation. The battle between God's Word and man's word has been waged for thousands years. Which side are you on?

    In Divided Nation, all illustrations are in color with links so you can aquire the slides to use when you teach in churches, homes, and...

  • S2E13 Claire Survived Abortion

    Episode 13

    Claire survived being killed in the womb. Her twin did not. Ken talks with Claire Culwell about adoption, abortion, and the love of Jesus, who transforms people and cultures.
    Claire's website:

    Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Kit:

  • S2E14 Israel in the Time of Jesus Exhibit Ribbon Cutting at the Creation Museum

    Episode 14

    Join us as we open "BORDERLAND: Israel at the Time of Jesus" our newest exhibit at the Creation Museum.

  • S2E15 Ark Encounter 5th Anniversary

    Episode 15

    President Joe Boone and founder Ken Ham celebrate the five-year anniversary of the Ark Encounter. Filmed in the Answers Center, this presentation reviews major milestones at the attraction, then looks at some of our plans for the future.

  • S2E16 Alex Kendrick & Ken Ham at Ararat Ridge Zoo

    Episode 16

    Join actor and director Alex Kendrick and Ken Ham as they pet a wallaby, see baby emus, and check out a few of the 200+ animals at Ararat Ridge Zoo with Animal Presenter Karina Altman at the Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky. Alex and Ken also discuss the upcoming red carpet movie screening of C...

  • S2E17 Behind the Scenes w Ken Ham: A Wild Encounter the Wild Brothers

    Episode 17

    Ken Ham chats with Hudson, Kian, and Asher Wild of The Wild Brothers about missionary life, modern missions, unreached peoples, why they created their popular reality show, future plans, and more. It's a fun interview with behind-the-scenes stories and a wonderful perspective from three godly you...

  • S2E18 How to Play Cribbage with Ken Ham & Mr. P

    Episode 18

    Join Ken Ham and Roger Patterson (Mr. P) as they discuss the new Ark-edition cribbage game and how to play cribbage. Normally the game is played with two players, but It can be adapted for three and four players with this unique 4-track cribbage board.

    Order the new, exclusive Ark-edition cribba...

  • S2E19 "Long Foretold"— A Christmas Play Like No Other

    Episode 19

    Learn about this unique children’s Christmas play for churches and Christian schools. In this delightful children’s program, many questions are answered as the wise men discover the truth about the bright shining star they are following.

    Learn more: ...

  • S2E20 Scoffers of Creation and the Flood

    Episode 20

    Creation isn’t “just” a Genesis issue! In a new book, Scoffers: Responding to Those Who Deliberately Overlook Creation and the Flood, Simon Turpin, director of AiG–UK/Europe, examines 2 Peter 3 exegetically, skillfully and powerfully defending the truth of God’s Word in Genesis, and our confident...

  • S2E21 Creation to Babel A Commentary for Families - New Book

    Episode 21

    It's a commentary like no other! Ken Ham dives deep into Genesis 1–11 in a new family commentary, featuring answers to all the questions he’s been asked over 40 years of ministry. Discover a powerful combination of apologetics, doctrine, and devotional insight to ensure the next generation unders...

  • S2E22 Heidi St. John is Coming to the Family Homeschool Experience at the Ark!

    Episode 22

    Heidi St. John talks to Ken Ham about this exciting event! During this unique experience, tour the life-size Ark Encounter with exclusive after-hours access; meet the animals in Ararat Ridge Zoo; walk through history in the Creation Museum; have a “mom’s night out”; and relax while enjoying conce...

  • S2E23 See the Giant Baby, and What’s Coming Next at the Creation Museum

    Episode 23

    Join Ken Ham and lead designer Allen Greene as they discuss the construction of the expanded, permanent Fearfully and Wonderfully Made exhibit at the Creation Museum, set to open in 2022.

    The Bible informs us that every human being, from the moment of fertilization, is made in God’s image. Thi...

  • S2E24 Producer Stephen Kendrick at the Ark in 2022

    Episode 24

    Ken Ham speaks with screenwriter and producer Stephen Kendrick about next year's Answers for Pastors and Leaders conference.

    Stephen Kendrick has dedicated his life to serving Jesus Christ and to making Him known around the world. He is a co-writer for the screenplays and books and the producer...