Astronomy with Dr. Faulkner

Astronomy with Dr. Faulkner

Experience how the heavens declare God's glory with astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner.

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Astronomy with Dr. Faulkner
  • 3/30 Exclusive: Astronomy with Dr. Faulkner

    Broadcasting live from the Creation Museum with Dr. Danny Faulkner

    Articles discussed during today's broadcast:


  • Does Science Support a Flat Earth?

    Many individuals, including some Christians, are falling for flat earth ideas. Does science support such an idea? Does the Bible teach a flat earth? Discover the history of science on the shape of the earth, how the flat earth movement emerged, what observational science reveals, and what the Bib...

  • Things That Go Bump in the Night

    Astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner explores the existence of black holes, dark matter and dark energy. He separates the issues of physics and good science from evolutionary musings.

  • Design in Astronomy

    There are many features of the Earth and its moon that make the earth ideally suited for life and humanity. Thus the earth is unique in our solar system. But what about the more than one thousand planets orbiting other stars that astronomers have discovered in recent years? None of these planets ...

  • Aliens: Fact or Fiction?

    What happens when Science Fiction loses the fiction and is accepted as science?

    Discover what astronomers have found, and what the Bible says about life beyond earth in this planetarium show from the Creation Museum.

  • Created Cosmos

    Experience the breathtaking scale and wonder of the universe God has created in this planetarium show from the Creation Museum.

  • Big Problems with the Big Bang

    Is the big bang model compatible with the Bible? Is it good science? Learn more about “the big bang” and its many problems.

    Dr. Danny Faulkner holds an MS in Physics from Clemson University and an MA and PhD in Astronomy from Indiana University and taught at the University of South Carolina Lan...