Answers for Pastors Conference 2020: The Bible & Sexuality

Answers for Pastors Conference 2020: The Bible & Sexuality

Answers for Pastors Conference 2020: The Bible & Sexuality
Issues of sexuality and gender permeate and divide our culture. If you pay attention to recent news headlines our social degradation appears to be getting worse. That is why, in the autumn of 2020, Christian pastors and leaders gathered at the Ark Encounter to study what the Bible teaches about God's sexuality.

Christians need to be equipped with answers and practical tools to share with family, friends, non-believers and inconsistent believers. The conference content is valuable whether you’re a pastor, a pastor’s wife, a Christian leader, a high school or college student, a parent, a grandparent, or a believer concerned about what’s going on in the culture, These sessions can train you to confront, convert and disciple people trapped in the rebellion of the ever-degenerating and domineering sexual revolution.

Originally broadcast October 6-8, 2020, during our annual Answers for Pastors and Leaders conference.

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Answers for Pastors Conference 2020: The Bible & Sexuality
  • How to Deal with Cultural Issues Foundationally

    If we want to raise generations of young people to stand against the swirling hurricane of secularism, we must teach them to think foundationally, beginning in Genesis - with Ken Ham.

  • Dialogue with a Gay “Christian”

    Is there such a thing as a “gay Christian?” Get answers to the most common arguments used to normalize homosexuality in the church in this session with Joe Owen.

  • Whatever The Cost

    David and Jason Benham share stories from their formative years and ventures into professional baseball to their rise as owners of a multi-million dollar business empire which ultimately attracted the attention of HGTV in 2014. Then a media firestorm hit and the Benhams chose to die to their drea...

  • The Rise and Triumph of the Neo-Pagan Worldview

    Dr. Owen Strachan documents to rise of the Neo-Pagan worldview in the Western world through the sexual revolution, the gender revolution, and family breakdown pointing to ultimate hope in the gospel.

  • What Does the Bible Say About Transgenderism?

    Dr. Burk defines transgenderism and gender dysphoria, explains the Bible’s teaching about male and female, and offers counsel on ministering to those dealing with gender confusion.

  • Speaking the Truth in Love about Homosexuality

    Dr. Burk explains how the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality provides guidance in how to witness to those struggling with same-sex attraction.

  • A Multi-Front War

    As Christians, we're called to wage an all out war on the sin in our hearts, by the power of the Holy Spirit. We must train believers to kill sins of identity, desire, thought, and action - with Dr. Owen Strachan.

  • Are People Born Gay? (2020)

    Molecular geneticist, Dr. Georgia Purdom discusses whether homosexuality is something a person is born with. Do these individuals have a choice in what they do?

  • How to Communicate the Christian Message to a Culture with the Wrong Foundation

    The battle in our culture is over two foundations: God’s Word vs. man’s word. How do we effective share the gospel and biblical truth to a culture built on sand? With Ken Ham.