Answers for Pastors (2018)

Answers for Pastors (2018)

3 Episodes

Hear from Ken Ham and Dr. John MacArthur as they unpack the biblical doctrines of the clarity and sufficiency of God's eternal Word.

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Answers for Pastors (2018)
  • The Clarity of Scripture

    Episode 1

    Ken Ham inspires hundreds of pastors with a message that is left out of far too many pulpits: the clarity of Scripture and the relevance of Genesis.

  • Sufficiency of Scripture

    Episode 2

    This practical and much-needed message powerfully shows Christians that the Bible is God’s clear, perfect, and true Word that is sufficient for us.

  • Gospel Reset

    Episode 3

    Ken Ham teaches from Acts 2 and Acts 17 at the Answers for Pastors conference. Discover how to be more effective in reaching the lost with the truth of the gospel!