Answers for Evangelism Webinar 2021

Answers for Evangelism Webinar 2021

We are delighted to bring you six LIVE presentations (and a special Q&A session) featuring six speakers involved in various aspects of evangelism around the world, including special guests from Living Waters: Ray Comfort and Emeal “E.​Z.​” Zwayne from Living Waters-US, and Living Waters Europe’s Director John Harris. AiG-Canada’s Youth Co-ordinator, Patricia Engler (who travelled round the world in 180 days) will also be joining us, as well as AiG-US' Bryan Osborne and AiG-UK's Simon Turpin for a truly intercontinental conference.

Simon Turpin 1 Peter 3:15—Always Ready
John Harris Why Should we Evangelise?
Patricia Engler 7 Checks of Critical Thinking
Bryan Osborne Gospel Reset
Emeal (E.Z.) Zwayne Gotcha Questions Answered
Ray Comfort How to Get (and Hold) the Attention of the Lost: The 2 Biblical Keys
Panel Q&A with Ray Comfort, Emeal (E.Z.) Zwayne, John Harris and Simon Turpin

Answers for Evangelism Webinar 2021
  • 1 Peter 3:15 – Always Ready

    When it comes to apologetics, 1 Peter 3:15 is probably the most well-known passage in the Bible. Yet, when we consider the immediate and wider context of this verse, there is a lot more to it than we may have seen at first. This talk will seek to unpack 1 Peter 3:15 and its application for us as ...

  • Why Should We Evangelise?

    As Christians, we are commanded by Jesus Himself to be witnesses to the ends of the earth, and to go to all nations to proclaim the Good News message. Yet, when it comes to evangelism, we seem to be paralysed with fear. There are many reasons for this. In this talk, we examine the reasons people ...

  • 7 Checks of Critical Thinking

    How to think about 'facts' that challenge your faith: Whether in classrooms, the media or society at large, Christians in secular cultures are bound to encounter persuasive-sounding 'facts' which challenge a Biblical worldview. In this presentation, Patricia describes the system of critical think...

  • Why Won’t They Listen: Revealing the Unknown God (2021)

    The Gospel message never changes, but missionaries seek to contextualize that message in different cultures in order to make it more understandable and to better demolish the strongholds preventing the hearers from accepting it. Walk through the book of Acts to see a biblical example of how the A...

  • Gotcha Questions Answered

    There are a handful of questions that atheists like to use as perceived “silver bullets” against Christianity: Since evolution has been scientifically proven, doesn’t that disprove the Bible? If everything in the universe had to be created, then who created God? Doesn’t the existence of suffering...

  • How to Get (and Hold) the Attention of the Lost—The 2 Biblical Keys

    The Bible speaks of being a “good soldier of Jesus Christ” (see 2 Timothy 2:3). A good soldier is one who is not only courageous, but he believes in the just cause for which he fights. He also thoroughly knows his weapons. But many don’t know about two very powerful weapons that I use when I spea...

  • Coming Soon: Answers for Evangelism Webinar

    What is evangelism? Why is it seemingly so scary? How can we engage people with the message of the Gospel, and how can we be ready for their responses? We are delighted to bring you six LIVE presentations (and a special Q&A session) featuring six speakers involved in various aspects of evangelism...

  • Answers for Evangelism

    Please join us at this unique conference, exclusively on Answers.TV on Saturday 17th April 2021 from 12 noon to 8 p.m. (Please note all times are BST, London—if you are in a different time zone, please check your equivalent).

    Saturday 17th April 2021 (all times listed are BST, London)
    12:00 noo...