Animal Encounters Live

Animal Encounters Live

43 Episodes

Meet the animals and their keepers at Ararat Ridge Zoo at the Ark Encounter and the Eden Animal Experience at the Creation Museum as you go behind-the-scenes.

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Animal Encounters Live
  • Equine Kinds

    Episode 1

    Zorse & Zonkey?! Learn fun facts about the Equine kind.

  • A Dragon, Rhino, and the Chicken of the Trees

    Episode 2

    A dragon, rhino, and chicken of the trees--our animal encounter from our Ark Ararat Ridge Zoo today.

  • Creepy Crawling Creatures

    Episode 3

    World’s largest spider! Creepy crawling tarantula, glowing scorpion, vinegarroon, and hissing cockroach.

  • Meet Boomer!

    Episode 4

    Join me as we meet an Aussie painting wallaby—Boomer!

  • Ark Encounter's Kangaroo Walkabout

    Episode 5

    Walk about with kangaroos at the Ark Encounter with us. What kind are they?

  • Dwarfed Miniature Horse

    Episode 6

    Meet our zoo keepers as they show you some of our horse kind at the Ark Encounter Zoo. There's a donkey, zebra, and a miniature horse!

  • A Quill Pig?

    Episode 7

    What is it? A pig? A pig with quills? Don’t miss this unique animal encounter.

  • Llamas, Alpacas, and Camels

    Episode 8

    How many animal kinds do they represent?

  • Walking a Ham

    Episode 9

    Walking a ham. A Ham walking a ham. Another intriguing animal encounter.

  • Rosy Boa, African Spurred Tortoise, and Red Tegu

    Episode 10

    Rosy Boa, African Spurred Tortoise, and Red Tegu. Unique and intriguing animal encounters from the Ark.

  • Sloths and a Surprise Animal

    Episode 11

    Sloths and a surprise animal. Another fun encounter at the Ark Ararate Ridge Zoo.

  • A Donkey Painting?

    Episode 12

    Yes, you are going to see one of our donkeys paint . . . hopefully. Should be a fun animal experience!

  • Largest Bird in the World

    Episode 13

    Largest bird in the world, yet I can’t fly. Can you guess what I am? Another fun animal encounter at the Ark Encounter.

  • Explore our Indoor Aquarium at the Creation Museum

    Episode 14

    A living fossil??? Explore our inside aquarium at the Creation Museum and see the feeding.

  • Ships in the Desert

    Episode 15

    Ships in the desert?! Find out what that means from our animal encounter at the Ark.

  • A Goat Birthday Party!

    Episode 16

    Join the party—a goat birthday party!

  • A Rooster Pedicure, a Fun Competition, and Animal Health Checks

    Episode 17

    Join today’s animal encounter featuring a rooster pedicure, a fun competition, and animal health checks.

  • How to Enrich Chickens, Goats, and More

    Episode 18

    How to enrich chickens, goats, and more at the Creation Museum’s animal encounter area.

  • Incredible Animal Paintings

    Episode 19

    Incredible animal paintings featuring, CJ, the camel, Rufus, the snake, and, Thomas and Caleb, the porcupine.

  • Teeth cleaning for a bearded dragon?

    Episode 20

    Teeth cleaning for a bearded dragon? How do you do that? Learn about vet care at the Ark Encounter that includes donkeys, goats, and lizards.

  • All About Camels

    Episode 21

    Learn all you wanted to know about camels.🐪

  • Rats’ maze?

    Episode 22

    Viewers choice for enrichment programs. See what other enrichments were chosen.

  • Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

    Episode 23

    Be a zoo keeper? What do they do? Find out today as we experience a day in the life of a zoo keeper

  • Flying Marsupial

    Episode 24

    Flying marsupial. Meet bear the hedgehog and a hairy creature that runs fast. Behind the scenes at Ararat Ridge Zoo.