The Wild Brothers Adventures

The Wild Brothers Adventures

3 Seasons

Don't miss a single adventure with the Wild Brothers! Get ready to meet the sons of Mike and Libby Wild, a homeschooling missionary family that lives deep in the jungle of a remote Pacific island. These four modern-day missionary kids adventure far into creation and discover the rich wildlife and tribal life of the South Seas Islands.

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The Wild Brothers Adventures
  • Highlands to Island

    Episode 1

    In the first episode of Highlands to Island, we will catch you up on the last couple of years of our lives and explain our recent transition to a tiny remote island in the Pacific

  • Tour of our Island Home

    Episode 2

    Come along for a tour of Morgan’s bachelor bungalow and the stunning tropical island we call home on episode 2 of Highlands to Island! Hudson shows the proper technique for opening coconuts with a machete, then we head up to the hangar to check out a sweet little Bell 47 helicopter and shoot some...

  • Checking on the Cendarwash

    Episode 3

    In episode 3 of Highlands to Island, we're headed out on our long boat to check on the Cenderwasih, our beautiful double canoe that our family built. Take in the sights as Hudson guides us through the water to Sorido, and come along as we check out the coconut crab we came across. Then learn a li...

  • Equator Island Adventure Part 1

    Episode 4

    We're getting ready to head out on the Cenderwasih for a kayak trip with guests from Spain in episode 4. We check in with Hudson, who will be making our food this trip, before we welcome our guests aboard! After we get started on our trip, head back down below the deck and see what he’s making us...

  • Equator Island Adventure Part 2

    Episode 5

    Episode 5 of Highlands to Island continues our trip to Equator Island, which is probably one of the most remote parts of Indonesia. Though we lost an engine along the way, we had smooth sailing the rest of the way. Take in the sights and enjoy the view as we reach the island, and don’t miss check...

  • Equator Island Adventure Part 3

    Episode 6

    Come along with us as we explore Equator Island in episode 6 of Highlands to Island. You won't believe the area we stumbled upon during our adventure. And check out the terrain we traveled over to reach the highest peak on the island. But don’t worry—we made it back to the Cenderwasih safely!

  • Getting Back to the Island

    Episode 7

    After spending time in the capital city, we're back for episode 7 of Highlands to Island! Experience the journey home with Morgan and Hudson, and learn more about what we do here on the island and what's to come in future episodes.

  • Introduction to Kayak 4 Conservation

    Episode 8

    Come along with us in episode 8 of Highlands to Island and we’ll show you around the Kayak 4 Conservation property as we prepare to welcome two guests soon. Take a look around as we make sure the grounds are ready and learn more about the kayaks we use and the kitchen currently under construction.

  • Haircut Day

    Episode 9

    In episode 9 of Highlands to Island, Morgan needs a haircut. With the rest of our family still out of town, Hudson volunteers to cut it for him! Follow along to see the end result, and then join us as we head back to the Kayak 4 Conservation property to check in on the progress of the communal di...

  • Meet the Kitchen Staff

    Episode 10

    Come along with Hudson in episode 10 of Highlands to Island as we introduce you to the kitchen staff of Kri Eco Restaurant and check out what’s going on the menu for the lunch crowd. Then get a behind-the-scenes look at the difficulties we face as part of the management team at the Kayak 4 Conser...

  • The Truth Be Told

    Episode 11

    In episode 11 of Highlands to Island, learn more about our friend Max Ammer, the founder of Papua Diving here. After coming to faith in Christ, Max turned his attention away from treasure hunting and exploring WWII wrecks to investing in the lives of the local people. We’ll also share an exciting...

  • Kho Island

    Episode 12

    Asher and Kian are back from the capitol, so climb aboard their singular double kayak (a pedal/paddle tandem kayak) with us as we head out into the waters to explore Kho Island. You’ll also visit a sand bar, go snorkeling with Asher, and explore the island in episode 12 of Highlands to Island. Wa...

  • The Invaders

    Episode 13

    In episode 13 of Highlands to Island, we are off to investigate reports of a snake invasion inside one of our guests' beach bungalow. Join us as we attempt to figure out what type of snake it might be and locate where they are, and then see what happens when we head out to release what we found!

  • Swimming with Manta Rays

    Episode 14

    Get up close to a pair of manta rays swimming close to the dive resort as Asher and Kian head out into the waters on their paddleboards in episode 14 of Highlands to Island. It is fascinating to watch them swim and search for plankton and other food to eat. You won't believe how close they let us...

  • Island Excursion

    Episode 15

    In episode 15 of Highlands to Island, come along with us as we head out into the water to circumnavigate a local island as we help a new kayak guide prepare for his first trip. Travel the route we typically take while out with Kayak 4 Conservation guests, take in the breathtaking views, and see w...

  • Mail from Mohler

    Episode 16

    Morgan received a mail here in Kri from someone in the United States! Check out who it is from and learn more about our education here as missionary kids in episode 16 of Highlands to Island.

  • Day of the Marlin!

    Episode 17

    Join us for our latest adventure in episode 17 of Highlands to Island as we venture out in the Dampier Straight with our friend Haike, a marine mammal expert. You'll get to see a few pygmy killers whales, and you won't believe what else we happen to find along the way!

  • Backyard Shipyard

    Episode 18

    In episode 19 of Highlands to Island, meet our good friend Pu, who traveled from the mountains to help with the Wano Bible translation. Our yard is becoming a shipyard backyard, so you’ll come alongside as we prepare to begin restoring a couple boats. The newest boat we purchased will be used as ...

  • Surfing Sorido

    Episode 19

    Sometimes after a long week, we like to head out to Sorido for a little surfing. Come along with us in the latest episode of Highlands to Island as we try to catch some waves on our paddleboards. You’ll also get to climb aboard and check in on the Cenderwasih with Kian!

  • Mischief in the Mountains

    Episode 20

    In episode 21 of Highlands to Island, head into the mountains with us as we return to our home in the highlands of Papua. It has been about a year since we’ve been back, so it’s good to see our friends and enjoy the fresh mountain air! Join us as we hike up to a pinnacle at the top, hear testimon...

  • Cousin Comes to Visit

    Episode 21

    We have special visitors in this episode of Highlands to Island! Our cousin Logan and Grandpa Wild are visiting from the States, so we are taking them out snorkeling with us. This is an exciting visit for us because we usually only see them every three or four years when we head back to the US. S...

  • Sailing in Paradise

    Episode 22

    Climb aboard the Johnny Lingo, our newly outfitted boat, for its maiden voyage with Morgan, Kian, and our friend Pu in this episode of Highlands to Island. We’re headed to a sandbar that’s not far from the island. We added a crab-claw sail to the boat, and we’ve only done a few experiments on the...

  • Coconut Crepes

    Episode 23

    In this episode of Highlands to Island, learn how to make one of our favorite snacks, coconut crepes, with Asher and Kian. These crepes are filled with a coconut and palm sugar mixture, and they are delicious with a very tropical taste. Hudson prepares the coconut for us (don't try this at home!)...

  • Low Tide

    Episode 24

    After helping us rescue a paradise kingfisher that is trapped inside one of the houses here on Kri, head to the beach with Kian. It’s low tide on the beach in this episode of Highlands to Island, and he takes you up close to some of God’s amazing creatures. Sit back and enjoy his special nature d...