The Wild Brothers Adventures

The Wild Brothers Adventures

3 Seasons

Don't miss a single adventure with the Wild Brothers! Get ready to meet the sons of Mike and Libby Wild, a homeschooling missionary family that lives deep in the jungle of a remote Pacific island. These four modern-day missionary kids adventure far into creation and discover the rich wildlife and tribal life of the South Seas Islands.

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The Wild Brothers Adventures
  • The Injury

    Episode 1

    Join us in episode 27 of Highlands to Island as Hudson heads out to check on our good friend, Pu. We were out visiting a few of the homestays (local guest houses) we work with as part of Kayaks 4 Conservation with some of the new guides, and the water was very choppy since we are entering the win...

  • When Older Brothers Aren't Around

    Episode 2

    Hang out with Kian and Asher in episode 28 of Highlands to Island while Morgan and Hudson are out on a kayak trip with new guides. See some of the activities we like to do in our spare time, then head out into the water with Asher and get up close to some blacktip reef sharks!

  • Mount Kri

    Episode 3

    In episode 29 of Highlands to Island, join the four of us climb to the top of Mount Kri together. See what we find along our journey and enjoy the beautiful views around us. Then take a moment to reflect on our time in the highlands with us.

  • Beach Cleanup on Bat Island

    Episode 4

    We try our best to be stewards of God’s creation. In the latest episode of Highlands to Island, join us as we do our part to clean up the trash along the shore on Bat Island and dive underwater with Asher and our childhood friend, Ayu, as they search for any plastic that might be in the water.