UKMEGA Conference 2021

UKMEGA Conference 2021

Reconnecting the Gospel to a Godless Culture
28-30 October 2021

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UKMEGA Conference 2021

3 Videos

  • Thursday Live - UKMEGA 2021

    London Time
    6:45pm Welcome and Introduction
    7:00pm Ken Ham Divided Nation: Cultures in Chaos and a Conflicted Church
    8:00pm Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson The Hidden History of the Human Race
    9:00pm Dr. Terry Mortenson Theistic Evolution: Is it the Real Problem?
    10:00pm End of Day 1

  • Friday Live - UKMEGA 2021

    London Time
    7:00pm Welcome and Introduction
    7:05pm Prof. Steve Taylor - Dinosaur Soft Tissue
    8:00pm Dr. Danny Faulkner - Biblical Cosmology
    9:00pm Dr. Georgia Purdom - The Genetics of Adam and Eve
    10:00pm End of Day 2

  • Saturday Live - UKMEGA 2021

    London Time
    12:00pm Welcome and Introduction
    12:05pm Prof. Andy McIntosh - Reconnecting the Gospel to a Postmodern Culture
    1:05pm Prof. Stuart Burgess - The Wonder of the Human Nervous System
    2:05pm Joseph Hubbard -The Rocks Cry Out: Evidence for a Worldwide Flood
    3:05pm Simon Turpin 2 Peter...