Noah’s Ark & The Global Flood (Webinar)

Noah’s Ark & The Global Flood (Webinar)

Saturday 22nd May 2021, 12pm-8pm (BST)

If there really was a worldwide flood, what would the evidence be? How could Noah fit the animals on the ark? Why weren’t more than 8 people saved? This special conference will tackle many common misconceptions by looking at the Bible to make sure we know the size of the ark, the number of animals, the state of society back then, as well as the geological, geographical, biological and historical implications of such a catastrophic event. Looking at the state of our society today, what can we learn and how can we share such important information?

We are delighted to bring you 7 LIVE presentations featuring 7 speakers

Please note all times are for UK, which is 7am-3pm US/Canada-Eastern, 9pm-5am Australia-AEST (if you join us from a different time zone, please convert to your local time).

Paid delegates can also re-watch, exclusively on Answers.TV, for approx. 1 month after the event.

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Noah’s Ark & The Global Flood (Webinar)

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