Demolishing Arguments Webinar

Demolishing Arguments Webinar

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The belief in evolution and millions of years not only dominates the world’s thinking but sadly the thinking of many in the church as well. The ‘Demolishing Arguments’ webinar conference will respond to these evolutionary ideas with talks addressing theistic evolution, human origins and purpose, the big bang, biblical history and the consequences of accepting millions of years. Be ready to get answers, based on the authority of God’s Word, at this unique conference.

Saturday 20th March 2021 (all times listed are GMT, London)
Noon - Welcome and Introduction
12:05 - Simon Turpin - Why Theistic Evolution is Incompatible with the Bible
13:10 - Prof. Andy McIntosh - The Biblical Timeline: God’s Clock of History
14:05 - Prof. Stuart Burgess - The Uniqueness of Man
15:05 - Paul Taylor - Only Believe: A Biblical Approach to Defending the Faith
16:05 - Extended Break
17:00 - Dr. Terry Mortenson - Millions of Years: The Idea’s Unscientific Origin and Catastrophic Consequences
18:00 - Dr. Danny Faulkner- Big Problems with the Big Bang
19:00 - Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson- Replacing Darwin: The New Origin of Species

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Demolishing Arguments Webinar

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