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  • After Babel, Nations Move Out

    After the tower of Babel, humanity split up into language groups and spread out over the world. The table of nations in Genesis 10 shows how every family traces back to Noah’s sons. Ziggurat architecture around the world demonstrates many peoples’ memories of that original tower. Linguistics show...

  • One Race, Many Nations

    What does Cain’s wife have to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ? Pastor David Chakranarayan reviews the history of Adam’s family and the genetic variability that explains how one family produced the diversity of human cultures we find all around the world.

  • Check This Out: Races

    This 3-minute overview explains the biblical teaching that all of humanity is one family. We reject the popular definition of “race,” consider genetics, review key Scriptures, and celebrate the truth that every man and woman are created in God’s image.

    This short film appears in many of our spea...