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Power Play

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The Tireless Dragon of Old


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  • Power Play

    NOTE: May not be appropriate for all audiences.
    “God made the world, and I run it.” That’s Robbie Steele’s (Marietta DePrima, The Hughleys, Matlock) take on life. She’s a hardline attorney who’s ramrodding a buyout of Vancouver’s pro hockey team. Her ace in the hole? Recruiting retired star Cody ...

  • Was There Really a Noah’s Ark?

    Was There Really a Noah’s Ark? This account is one of the most widely known events in the history of mankind. Unfortunately, in this day and age, its often taken as a mere fairy tale. Hear sound reasoning why it can be trusted in this enlightening and visually rich exploration of Noah’s Ark.

  • The Marvel and Mystery of Man (part 2)

    As image-bearers of God, human beings occupy a privileged place within creation. The wonder of man is that he occupies a kingly position as the religious center of the temporal cosmos. Christ Jesus emphasized the central place of man not only by His own incarnation, but by the relative value he p...