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Leadership Not By The Book with Ken Ham and David Green


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  • Teaching Kids Apologetics

    Some of the most heartbreaking moments I’ve experienced have been when explaining to church audiences how over 70% of young people from Christian homes who attend state-run schools abandon the faith. Many times, as I scanned the attendees, you could see a stiffening of a husband’s back while his ...

  • Herders

    Shearing alpacas is hard work—and why are there so many of them? Discover why some animals live in groups, while others lead solitary lives, as Trevor and Avery meet an armadillo, a fennec fox, a massive Taiwan beauty snake, and more. Along the way, they'll explore if humans were created to live ...

  • See the Newly Updated Palm Plaza

    Allen Greene, AIG's Attractions Design Director, and Ken Ham go behind the scenes at the Creation Museum to take a sneak peek at the new and expanded pro-life exhibit, "Fearfully & Wonderfully Made," and the upgrade of Palm Plaza.
    This new exhibit opens in October!