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The Wonder of the Human Voice

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  • How was Noah’s Ark designed?

    How was Noah’s Ark designed? Noah’s Ark has been depicted in a wide variety of ways over the years, even among the Christian church. And this is likely because in contrast to other divinely specified constructions in the Bible, the description of the Ark in Genesis 6 is very brief. However, even...

  • Stuck at Home

    We are all a little under the weather in this episode of The Wild Way, but this time has allowed us to work on a project we’ve been wanting to tackle for a while. Take a look at what we’ve been working on while we’ve been stuck at home with Kian, and then learn more about future family plans with...

  • The Norway Polar Bear Expedition

    Were Polar Bears around at the time of Creation? How are Polar Bears really ocean mammals? Join Ocean Explorers, Mr. & Mrs. Brown as they travel to a remote Norwegian island near the North Pole to search for the largest bear and the largest carnivore on Earth -- the Polar Bear! On their searc...