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Christmas at the Creation Museum

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  • Christmas at the Ark

    Ken invites you to enjoy Christmas at the Ark Encounter. Wednesday through Sunday evenings beginning at 5 p.m. from November 27 through December 20. Then every evening from December 21–30 (closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day).

    Enjoy the life-size ark and g...

  • North American Eagles

    When he was a boy, Peter saw his first eagle over Lake Huron. Have you ever seen a bald eagle or a golden eagle? Peter returns to the upper peninsula of Michigan to visit two places where people care for injured animals. Learn the difference between fishing eagles and booted eagles.
    - - - - - - ...

  • New Book by Ken Ham: Will They Stand?

    Ken Ham, CEO of Answers in Genesis, The Ark Encounter, and the Creation Museum discusses his new book, "Will They Stand?" with Randy Pratt, VP of Sales & Marketing with New Leaf Publishing Group.

    In this book, Ken Ham gives us a powerful message about the importance of raising strong believ...

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