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  • Haven’t Christians Done Bad Things?

    A top objection to Christianity is that people who called themselves Christians have done wrong things, even quoting the Bible to try justifying their actions. Does that mean the Bible is false? While wrongdoings are tragic, the fact that professing Christians can do wrong or misapply Scripture i...

  • Observational vs. Historical Science

    Is there really a difference between observational science, which examines facts in the present, and historical science, which draws conclusions about the past? Not everyone thinks so. The answer has major implications for critical thinking, so let’s unpack the definitions for these two types of ...

  • Is Critical Thinking a Secular Concept?

    Some Christians might be concerned that critical thinking is a secular concept, associated with atheistic worldviews. By thinking about where truth comes from in the first place, and which worldview REALLY provides a foundation for logic, we’ll see that Christians have no reason to avoid critical...