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  • Is Belief in God Genetic?

    Some researchers think that part of human spirituality may be linked to genetics. So, you might hear people suggest that we only believe in God because our DNA tells us to. Is that valid? Let’s see how to respond to this argument using the 7 Checks of Critical Thinking.

  • The Elephant, the Blind Men, and the ...

    Analogies can make arguments sound persuasive, but they can’t prove anything is true. Tips for answering analogies that argue against the Bible include finding an important difference between the things being compared and using big-picture questions to make the analogy argue for a biblical worldv...

  • Answering Straw-Man Arguments 

    Straw-man fallacies re-frame strong positions as weak ones, while motte-and-bailey fallacies re-frame weak positions as a strong ones. In both cases, you can respond by bringing the discussion back to what the original position said.