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  • Asking Big Picture Questions

    By asking big-picture questions, you can gently and respectfully address stolen concept fallacies in arguments which try borrowing biblical concepts to criticize the Bible. A helpful way to start is asking why the argument’s topic is worth raising. Let’s see some examples.

  • Either-Or Type Fallacies

    Either-or fallacies present only two mutually exclusive options (correlatives), when more options may be possible. But there are other types of correlative-based fallacies too. Here are some examples of the most common ones—and an easy bonus hack for answering faulty “if-then” arguments.

  • What is “Brainwashing?”

    “Brainwashing” is a highly emotional word that makes for effective propaganda. But what IS brainwashing, anyway? Is it even real? Not everyone thinks so. Originally used to describe communist ‘re-education’ techniques, “brainwashing” can now mean anything from sneaky salesmanship to hypotheticall...