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  • Vestigial Structures

    Vestigial organs are structures in living things which supposedly had a function in their evolutionary ancestor, but now have ‘no function’—or at least, different or reduced functions. Whether the appendix, the tailbone or wisdom teeth, ‘vestigial’ structures are often considered evidence for evo...

  • Drawing Categorical Arguments

    Did you know you can spot certain fallacies by drawing pictures? Overlapping circles, called Venn Diagrams, illustrate statements about categories (like “All cats are mammals” or “Some cats are tigers), which form the basis of categorical arguments. Here’s how to spot flawed categorical arguments...

  • Thinking About Death and Suffering

    “A loving God would not create a world with death, suffering and disaster.” This is a top objection to Christianity, which even evolutionary textbooks raise, asking why a competent Creator would design a process so cruel as natural selection. Let’s respond to this important question using Check #...