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Up Next in Season 1

  • Thinking About DNA: Introduction

    To think through evolutionary arguments about DNA, it’s essential to know some basics about what DNA is and how it works. Here’s a crash introduction to how genetic information is encoded, organized, and translated into the proteins which do all the work in our cells.

  • The “Junk DNA” Debate

    Is most of our DNA “junk” leftover from evolution? Some people still say so, despite research suggesting that most of the human genome is biochemically active. Let’s think biblically and critically about “junk DNA” arguments and explore some recent advances in the “junk DNA” debate.

  • The Onion Test

    A popular argument for “junk DNA” says that since onions have more non-coding DNA than humans, but are less complex than humans, onions’ DNA must be mostly useless junk. Therefore, the non-coding DNA in humans is likely junk as well. Let’s think through this argument biblically and critically.