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  • Aliens and UFOs

    Are aliens and UFOs real? The idea of life from other planets has captivated popular culture, but isn’t a concept you’d get from the Bible so much as from evolutionary assumptions. Let’s apply some biblical critical thinking checks to see what research really reveals about extraterrestrials.

  • Answering Bible “Contradictions”

    Culture often argues the Bible is full of contradictions, and therefore, can’t be trusted. However, a careful look at “contradictory” passages often reveals no contradiction at all. In fact, such passages are often complementary, reflecting the Bible’s eyewitness historicity. Here are some tips f...

  • Does the Bible Borrow from Pagan Lege...

    Are the Bible’s accounts of creation, the flood, and Jesus real history, or just spin-offs of ancient Near Eastern myths? Real or imagined similarities between Scripture and folklore have been used to argue that the Bible is just a collection of borrowed myths, but let’s apply some critical think...