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  • Circular Reasoning

    Circular reasoning is when an argument assumes what it’s trying to prove. Though often considered fallacies, circular arguments aren’t always illogical; they’re usually just too arbitrary to be persuasive. Yet some circular reasoning is necessary for logical thinking. Here’s how to detect—and avo...

  • Do Christians Use Circular Reasoning?

    One objection to Christianity is that it’s circular reasoning to say, “God’s Word is true because the Bible says so.” And left at that, this argument is indeed circular. Does that mean Christianity is founded on a fallacy? The short answer is no, but let’s unpack why.

  • Are Horse Fossils Evidence for Evolut...

    The horse fossil record is one of the clearest examples of “evidence for evolution” known to science. At least, that’s what many museums and textbooks say. Is there more to the history of horses than many students are told? Let’s apply some key critical thinking checks to find out.