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  • Do Embryos Show Evolution? Part 2

    A classic argument for evolution says that different creatures have similar embryos, and therefore share an evolutionary ancestor. 19th-century biologist Ernst Haeckel famously forged drawings making embryos appear more alike than they are, and believed embryos re-enact evolution. While most scie...

  • Emotions and Persuasion

    Emotions are powerful persuasive forces, but when do appeals to emotion become fallacies? God created us with great emotional capacities, but in our fallen world, emotions can be used to mislead us to believe wrong or illogical ideas. Propaganda often involves strong emotional appeals, and resear...

  • No True Scotsman Fallacy

    No True Scotsman arguments say that no real member of some group would do something; for instance, no true scientist would reject evolution. These arguments become fallacies when they redefine a key term—like what it means to be a scientist—to avoid counterarguments. Here are some examples of how...