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Did Religious Beliefs Result from Evolution?

Season 1, Episode 18

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  • Inductive vs. Deductive Reasoning

    Can science really “prove” things? To find out, let’s look at the difference between two types of reasoning. Deductive reasoning starts with a known ‘big picture’ of reality and draws little bits of information from it. Inductive reasoning, however, starts with little bits of information and trie...

  • Eisegesis vs. Exegesis

    False teachers often reinterpret God’s Word to fit their own human ideas. But this isn’t just bad theology—it’s bad logic. Proper teaching about the Bible is based on deductive reasoning, where we view God’s Word as our big picture of truth and draw our ideas FROM it. That’s exegesis. But false t...

  • Are Soapberry Bugs Evidence for Evolu...

    “Evolution is supported by an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence.” At least, that’s what a first-year biology textbook said, citing natural selection in soapberry bugs as the first example of such evidence. Let’s apply the 7 Checks of Critical Thinking to see whether this claim is true.