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Catch Fallacies with Truth Tables (Part 1)

Season 1, Episode 57

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  • Catch Fallacies with Truth Tables (Pa...

    Truth tables are tools to help you spot invalid arguments without having to know the name of a single formal fallacy, and without having to know if the statements in an argument are true! Let’s walk through an example of drawing a truth table for a more complicated argument.

  • Truth Table Hack (Part 3)

    Here’s a shortcut to test arguments’ formal validity without drawing truth tables, just by showing if an argument’s conclusion can be false while its premises are true. Let’s see how to do this with the following argument: “If molecules-to-man evolution is true, then we can observe it directly or...

  • Thinking About “Bad Designs”

    A textbook argument against creation is that nature includes “bad designs” which point to evolution rather than a Creator. For example, food and air both pass through the pharynx, which can lead to choking, and a small blind spot exists in the human eye. Let’s apply some critical thinking checks ...