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  • Thinking Through “New Information” Cl...

    Often, claims that mutations produce useful new genetic information involve one of four processes: 1) duplication of information, 2) loss of control over how information is used, 3) degeneration of information, and 4) transfer of information. In each case, you can ask, “Does this involve somethin...

  • Stolen Concept Fallacies

    Arguments with stolen concept fallacies assume the truth of the same thing they’re trying to disprove. For example, many arguments against Scripture rely on principles which are ultimately rooted in a Biblical worldview, including truth, logic, knowledge, scientific reasoning, morality and the va...

  • Asking Big Picture Questions

    By asking big-picture questions, you can gently and respectfully address stolen concept fallacies in arguments which try borrowing biblical concepts to criticize the Bible. A helpful way to start is asking why the argument’s topic is worth raising. Let’s see some examples.