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  • Either-Or Type Fallacies

    Either-or fallacies present only two mutually exclusive options (correlatives), when more options may be possible. But there are other types of correlative-based fallacies too. Here are some examples of the most common ones—and an easy bonus hack for answering faulty “if-then” arguments.

  • What is “Brainwashing?”

    “Brainwashing” is a highly emotional word that makes for effective propaganda. But what IS brainwashing, anyway? Is it even real? Not everyone thinks so. Originally used to describe communist ‘re-education’ techniques, “brainwashing” can now mean anything from sneaky salesmanship to hypotheticall...

  • Teaching vs. “Brainwashing”

    What’s the difference between teaching and brainwashing? Do churches “brainwash” kids? To find out, let’s define instruction and indoctrination. Instruction involves sharing observable (or observed) facts, explaining beliefs, and teaching how to reason about whether those beliefs are likely true....