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Opposites Attract?!?

Season 13, Episode 3 • 33m

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  • Attack of the Fluid Tomatoes

    Stripes keep zebras cool; Test shows variations within bear kind; Redlichia rex was a big trilobite; Dungowan bush tomato refuses to comment on gender debate; Narwhals and belugas together again; Breast-feeding bacteria benefit babies . . . . and more during today's episode of Answers News, broad...

  • Is God a She?

    Mayflies detected on radar; Florist punished by Washington named Best for 2019; Pastor expelled over marriage; Bishop declares God is female; Scientists discover how plants breathe; NASA to search for life's beginnings; Mother saves twins; "Evolutionary" event caused by plate tectonics . . . . an...

  • Mammals and Dinosaurs Together?

    Mammals thrived with dinosaurs; Cat survives wash cycle; Library cancels LGBTQ prom; Librarians lead children into sin; Octopi think with their arms; Maryland punishes school over beliefs; Ancient crocodiles discovered to eat plants; Humans are the only fat primates . . . . and more during today'...