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  • God Created Marriage

    Coach gives NFL players cellphone breaks; Preschoolers singing “Jesus Loves Me” survive tornado; Christian university changes handbook statement on sex; Activists condition public to accept pedophilia; Evolutionists tell more stories about fossils . . . and more in today's episode of Answers News...

  • Be Fruitful and Multiply

    Couple accidentally buys decrepit old mansion; UK denies asylum to Iranian Christian because Christianity is "violent"; Ancient humans used monkey bones as tools; Poisonous gas indicates alien life; Confused adults seek parenthood-indecision therapists . . . and more in today's episode of Answers...

  • "Biggest T-Rex" Makes Headlines

    Scientists fear when glacier shrinks or grows; Astrophysicists publish sun's effect on Earth forgetting that climate science is settled; Paleontologists interpret 1991 bones to make headlines; Religious 'nones' were mainline churchgoers; Activist attorney general moves against Christian adoptions...